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9 days on Efavirenz+Combivir...Just a few questions


Hi all (and thank you for reading):

Guys and girls, I have began my treatment one month after diagnosis. However, I am kinda afraid on the resistance thing. I have already taken the samples for my resistance test - results in 6 weeks - Assuming my virus is the classic version, how much is the average time to develop resistance to my combo?

So far, I have been fine with the combo. Some nausea (actualy all day long), and still I cannot resist more than one hour after taking my efavirenz -so no partying- but I think I can handle it. I am just waiting I have no rash nor anemia... No nightmares (just the first 3 nights)

How have you been with this combo?



Hi Alex
We started about the same time on the same combo and it appears we are having the same on going problem...nausea It really does run the day for me, as yet I've not been physically sick just my stomach churning 24/7.
Alex, have you gone off your food as well? These are the only two complaints I've got so far.
I posted a thread on 'Side Effects' titled 'Bactrim/Septra' asking for help dealing with the nausea Kate gave a good link you may want to look at.

I will hopefully be changing the Combivir for Kivexa in 10 days, just waiting to see if i have a reaction to the Efavirenz, if not then i will change.

As for the resistance thing i would say don't worry about what maybe just focus on the here and now, I'm no expert but worrying about what maybe is energy wasted. Other will be better equipted to talk about resistance and i hope you find the answers.

Much love to you
Paul xx

Hi Paul

Well...My nausea I think is a complete opportunistic-bitch. When I am busy, and running in my office, i do not feel it a lot..But at lunch time or at the night, that thing come to my attack. My stomach also churns-and-burps a lot. I went to my doc on friday and he told me to drink cold water. That seems to ease a little bit it. Also, whe I eat, I have to walk a lot, before trying to laid or even seat.

On the food front, well, as soon as I was diagnosed, I made an inmediate change on my diet. Bye bye french fries, hamburguers, and all that. Hello low fat products, fiber and all that. It has been tough, and I went to my nutricionist on friday also. She will give me my new plan on wednesday.

Yes, I guess so. I should not worry about the resistance test...Just try to do as many say here. One day at the time.

How are you doing so far?


Hi Alex

Have been on combi for over 18months. In the beginning I was damn lucky as side-effects from Combivir lasted only 2 weeks, which included hypersensitivity. But prescibed meds to combat this and rash and itch was gone within 24hrs. As to the Efavirenz side effects then they seem to have lasted abit longer. Ususlly have trouble sleeping now, so use mild form of temazepam, and do not watch any scary movies before going to bed as tend to get vivid and totally bizarre dreams! In saying that find this combo brilliant, CD4 =500 and virus remained undetectable! As already advised by others take one day at time and give the combo a chance! You never know you might be even luckier than me and experience minimum side effects! The one thing that you will learn, and not over night, is how to read your body signs better! Whatever happens good luck with the combo and look after yourself..... hope everything else is going well?

Love from the Netherlands

Hi Guys,
I've been on that combo 3 years last month.  Most of the nausea went within 2-3 weeks, I still get vivid dreams but am used to it.  It's worked for me so far, going to undetectable from almost a million in four months and my cd4 has gone from 60-441 and I hope it's still rising. 8)


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