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Blind Sided by CT Dept of Labor


Long story was my understanding that I was good for another 20 weeks unemployment with the CT DOL (confirmed a few weeks back). I called yesterday just to make sure, and was told that they'll cut my last check this coming Sunday. I was "misinformed earlier"...

The that my doctors advised me to file for SSDI last year. I can't take even a part time position until it's finalized. I spoke to my attorney this morning, who told me we may hear from a judge within a month or so. At this stage they're requesting a hearing "on the records" without Social Security involved. If I was to accept a position at this time with my current medical conditions...I could maybe pull it off for a month or so. But I'd most certainly be out of work again soon, and the SSDI claim would start all over again. I originally filed June of last year. Trying to just keep breathing right now...  :(

Back in 97 when I went on my State Disability Ins. it was 18 months long, I know a lot of things have changed since then, but all i can tell you is this, after about 15 months of collecting this, I got approved for SSDI, so i was still getting that & SSDI until the -State-SDI was exhausted, if and when your approved for SSDI (and I'll say this lightly here) you will get an awards letter for SSA, it is my understanding that SSDI is VERY HARD to get now-a-days, so, if your sure you wanna go this route, make sure you have a back-up-plan, so you can live , pay, bills, rent and eat and co-pays for your meds , the biggest mistakes I've seen people do is assume they will get SSDI, remember this is not a given, so be prepared be, very prepared, if you aren't approved for SSDI right off the took me 2 times back then to even get SSDI, the 1st & 2nd times
I was denied, but I didn't give up back then, and if your sick, you shouldn't either..

JR Gabbard:
Hi Klipsch,

SSA disability rules say that you are disabled by your condition if it prevents you from working for 12 months or longer.  The problem arises if you try to work while your case is being decided, because that is normally within 12 months of when you stopped working.  The clock starts running from your declared onset date (or alternatively the onset date as decided by SSA).  If you filed in June '10, it might be too soon for comfort. 

If you are only able to work for a month or two, SSA would probably see that as a failed work attempt and not hold it against you.  But if you are too sick to work, don't.  Talk to your lawyer about what's going on.  If the case is close to an on the record decision, maybe something can be done to nudge it along by tugging on some heart strings.  The SSA attorneys are human beings, sometimes.

Best of luck and hang in there!

Spoke to my attorney on Friday. We went over what he had for records, letters and files and told me that he would draft a letter to go to the judge over the weekend. I'll be cc'd on that so I'll have a better idea of how they're presenting after I receive my copy. Not having a steady source of income, regardless of how little that may probably one of my biggest issues emotionally. Can't sleep, no appetite and no desire to be around others. I won't even get into where my mind ends up...

JR Gabbard:

--- Quote from: klipsch on November 07, 2010, 05:35:34 PM ---Not having a steady source of income, regardless of how little that may probably one of my biggest issues emotionally. Can't sleep, no appetite and no desire to be around others. I won't even get into where my mind ends up...

--- End quote ---

I've been there, and it sucks.

You are experiencing one of the worst aspects of the disability "game."  The uncertainty, the seemingly interminable waiting, no money coming in even though the bills still do.  You had your life set up a certain way, but that was upturned.  You want stability back in your life but you can't get it because you don't know how much your income will be yet.

I could throw you a string of cliches--this too shall pass, it's always darkest before the dawn, patience is a virtue, good things come to those who wait--but I doubt that would be much help.

Here's my non-legal advice for you, just one HIV+ person to another.  You've done everything you could possibly do to solve this problem.  You have a good attorney who is being proactive on your case.  Any bills that are piling up can probably be deferred until you get your lump sum payment after the decision.  So you need to distract yourself from all this.  Spend your time doing something you really enjoy doing.  Clear your mind.  Every so often take 10 minutes to sit in a quiet place and just breathe slowly and deeply, concentrating only on your breath.  Go for a regular walk if you can.  Set up a new daily routine.  The point should be to maximize the many other parts of your life, the parts over which you still have some control.

The breathing technique should help with sleep.  But you have to eat regularly.  Not sleeping and not eating will make it worse for you.  I understand the impulse not to want to talk to anyone right now.  It is a lot deeper than the usual isolation feeling that comes with HIV infection.  But if you are normally a social person, this only creates another hole in your life.  If you find that you can't talk to friends because the conversation always turns to your disability case, talk to strangers.  If you absolutely need to be by yourself, pick up a book or two.

Hang in there klipsch, and please keep us posted on how it is going.

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