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Steve Irwin (aka as the Crocodile Hunter) just died

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Apparantely he was killed by a stingray while filming off Port Douglas, Queensland, Aus.

The barb is alleged to have gone through his chest and killed him.
I never thought much of the man, but really feel for his wife and two young children.


Damn. That is sad news. I used to love watching his shows. Jay

He was as irritating as hell, but for the sake of his wife and children, I'm sorry that he will not be there for them...


That's sad, He was far out but I loved him, his energy, his love for life and nature; a bigger than life Ozzy. I'll miss him!

LOL Crikey! was my first thought too, Steve, when I read about him earlier this morning.

I guess we all knew that one day he'd say "Crik"... and be no more. He sure seemed to have a thing for provoking dangerous creatures. I feel for his wife and kids too and I hope he's left them well provided for.

I predict the whole thing was caught on film and in about a years time it will be in a documentary about his life on BBC2.



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