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Excessive Mucous


Just a shot in the dark since I've never seen anyone else mention this problem ...

Anybody had any problems with excessive mucous or phlem as side-effects from meds?  I seem to have developed this problem ever since I started meds 5 years ago, but especially in the last 2 years.  I am on Viread, Epivir, Reyataz and Norvir.  I hate having to clear my throat so often.  It is not only annoying but interferes with my ability to sing.  I used to love to play my guitar and sing.  It was a great stress reliever for me.

If meds are the cause, besides changing the meds which may or may not help, does anyone know of any natural treatment to reduce mucuous development?

It's the meds I'm told by my doc.  I work around a lot of second-hand smoke which really exacerbates the problem.  Sometimes I cough up a lugey and clear my throat louder than I should, and people look around like what the hell was that.  I don't feel apologetic either because most of them are smoking and I feel like they are killing me anyway.  The next morning, my sinuses are so clogged it takes about a half hour in the bathroom for them to drain and for me to hack up all the slime. Anyway, you're not alone on that one.  I wish I could tell you how to stop it, but other than changing the meds I have no idea.  I just live with it, and whatever else, and I guess I'm lucky I'm still here to spit.

You want a mucolytic agent. Conveniently, the amino acid suppliment staunchly advocated for by many HIV gurus -- N-acetyl cysteine -- is just such a compound (in addition to being a key member of an important immune-system tripeptide).

Search the archives for NAC or cysteine and you should be able to find info about dosing and such. I take the suppliment myself, but for the broader immune-system benefits. I try to take 600mg three times a day, if that's of any help.

Hope that helps.


Mr. Williams?  Why is it your workplace allows smoking, or even more so, permits smoking in an area where there are non-smokers?  I had thought that kinda inconsideration wasn't permitted anymore?

Many foods cause that problem. Specially milk. Try to drink more water and see if the problem improves...


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