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I just placed a new Blog contribution, and if you like, here is the link.....

In Love.

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The Canuck:
Hi Moffie65,

--- Quote ---and so out of a grant of $169,000, only $17,000 goes for actual dollars to serve the clients in four rural counties, with a total client base of about 120.
--- End quote ---

This is definitely outrageous than only 10% of the amount will be used for clients. There's something very wrong here.

--- Quote ---I have been told that there is only enough money to give any client here $500 in transportation assistance, and $500 in medicine co-pays.
--- End quote ---

Does it mean they will give you ( and other clients ) only $500.00 in medicine co-pays and you have to provide ALL the remainiing amount ? It isn't much when considreing the cost of these meds, actually '' isn't much '' is an understatement as it would be more appropriate to say '' nothing ''.  :-\


The Canuck

$500.00 for co-pay? $500.00 would not pay for one prescription. The cold hard facts are before us and you keep pointing them out Tim. Eventually we will be forced to ACT UP and take to the streets again. I only hope it is not too late......or we have not become too complacent.

Thanks again Tim.

Hal :'(

Tee Hee, and I know you guys aren't rocket scientists also.  Marcus might check in with an opinion, but he is the only rocket scientist we have here that I know of. 

Seriously, I want to make clear that the actual grant to the clients must include the Case Manager's salary and benefits, so the $17K figure is what is left over after that deduction.  This figure is actually spread over four counties, totalling 13,000 square miles, and the total figure of clients is far greater, but only 120 are receiving Ryan White care monies.  Many are still able to use private insurance.  We are headed towards a catastrophy for the middle class, and we will have to become very in tune with our past, and the lessons we should have learned by seeing people of the gay community, living and dying in their 1970's Caddilacs, under the overpasses in San Francisco, because they lost everything and there was no place to turn.  (OK Breathe.....)

Seriously guys, thanks for understanding my rant.

In Love.

The Canuck:

You're welcome ! Being not American I'm not too familiar with those Ryan White thing but noticed these were mentioned often on the forum, and somewhat understand a bit what they are although I'm not a rocket scientist.  :P

Was the situation was worst before the G.W. BUSH administration or better ? If it got worst when Mr. Bush arrived then do you have hopes thing will get better when this dude leaves the office in January 2009 ?

All the best,

The Canuck


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