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first-hand acct mmj clinic raid & protest in la

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first-hand account of noho citizen / patient / advocate / protester at wednesday’s (8-30) trichome mmj clinic raid by alleged dea-backed rogue cop; norml reports lapd “appeared unaware of the raid;” after arriving on scene, lapd tells protestors they have “right to protest and take pictures” (361)

September 3rd, 2006

In the early afternoon, on Wednesday August 30th, a DEA agent appeared at THC’s door with a phony ID. THC’s security guard spotted the forgery and refused entry to the DEA agent.

Realizing this wasn’t going to be as easy as he thought, the officer spoke the words “Don’t hurt me” into his transmitter. This was apparently the signal for his fellow agents to follow him in. At no time was this DEA agent under any threat from THC or its security force, but, by characterizing his situation as urgent I’m sure he’s provided a lovely excuse for exigent circumstances, thus justifying the initial lack of a warrant. [my bolding – rk]


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