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Is Anyone On Floridas' ADAP Waiting List?


I need to relocate to Florida, I am in NY now.
Is anyone on Floridas ADAP Waiting List? If so, how long were you on before getting approved & getting your meds? I'd hate to stop my meds until I am aprroved by ADAP. I am on disabilty, ( SSDI) & I am on Medicare. But I exceed the thresholds for medicaid,etc.
I see that Floridas list keeps growing & growing, & that is scary.
Any & ALL info is most welcomed, contact #'s, clinics, case workers, etc.
I am looking to relocate to the Boynton Beach Area.
thank you in advance for ALL your anticiapted help .

I see that you've been cross-posting about this issue  ;)
(instead of starting new threads, just keep bumping your original thread ;) )
using http// the closest ASO I see in that area is down the road in Delray which is still in Palm Beach Cty.

FoundCare Health Center
Delray Beach Service Center:
220 Congress Park Drive
Suite 100
Delray Beach, Florida 33445
T(561) 274-6400

being new to the state you would end up on the ADAP waiting list; but that might actually get you meds as Welvista is working with states with lists to get meds to patients ( It could mean that you might have to change to another regimen if your current meds aren't covered this way.

I would definitely suggest that you call and see what information you can get from that ASO before moving. I moved to SC just over a year ago, and checked on these issues before moving. If I had not had adequate access to meds, I would have chosen to have not moved. You might be in a similar situation of weighing your medical options vs. your other reasons to move. If you move to an area where you would have to go without meds, I would think that wouldn't be in your best interests.

I sure hope you find the answers you need -
which means an access to meds in your new home ;)


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