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Help finding health insurance -- new US (federal) tool


Finding health insurance coverage in the US can be a difficult and confusing process.  Some programs are provided by the federal government, many more as a partnership between the federal and state governments, and yet others by employers and insurers.

As part of the implementation of the new health care reform bill, the US Department of HHS has put up a new website,, with materials that explain the new law.  The website has been mentioned in prior posts about the new health reform law.

Recently they have added a new tool to the site.  It is on the front page (for now) and is designed to help people find health insurance plans.  It is interactive, based on the state where you live, family status, income, disability etc.  and provides both general information and some ability to compare insurance policies.  It is quite new, and they are still loading in information on specific insurance programs, but it is already a great resource for learning about the types of plans that may be out there for you.

A direct link is here:


JR Gabbard:
Thanks for posting this Assurbanipal!

Thanks Assurbanipal!


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