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Positive and lost

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Hi again guys!  Firstly a BIG thank you for your replies and words of encouragement and advice!

day 2 since the news... i got up earlier than usual (for a sunday!), had breakfast and went to the beach with my sis and dog!  before i got out, i saw the beautiful day and told myself that i should be look up and treasure each and every day from now on! 

allopathicholistic, thanks for your advice and telling me about your experiences. i have not found a forum here locally for HIV+ ppl and am really appreciative to know that u r here. i will surely PM u soon!

i will have to start penning down my list of questions. there are a host of questions rushing thru my mind and sometimes it does get me down and really confused.

think rightbrain's true about disclosure be for my benefit and going slow.

thanks once again everyone!  i'm really glad i came across this forum. i will keep all your words of advice.

BIG HUGS from across the globe!

Hello Lost,

I am happy you were lost in a beautiful day with your sis and dog!  Great things are coming, have hope!  You are going to be fine.  Take it slow, there is a lot to learn and grow.  Disclose for YOU.  Remember other people being upset about your status can be stressful, so focus on YOU for now until you grow your strength and share with a few close, trusted souls.  The journey is not easy, no one said it would be, but it is yours and you can choose to look at it anyway way you want.  I hope you see the potential, the positive and the goodness!  Welcome!


Joe K:
Hey Lost,

I realize that your culture might make it hard to tell people, but is there not one or two people you could tell, who would support you?  What you need right now is some local support, so you can talk and express your feelings.  The education can come latter, what matters now is you being able to start adjusting with others to help you.

Think about everyone you know and hopefully there will be that special someone and then start with them.  No, it is never easy to tell someone you care about that you are HIV pos, but if the roles were reversed, would you not want them to come to you during such a time?  Don't under estimate the ability of those closest to you to be there when you need them.

During difficult times it is amazing what the human spirit can accomplish.

Hi there welcome to the family.

Receiving a positive result, even if your were anticipating it is very unsettling, some people will simply accept the information they are given without really understanding it, or they forget to ask questions that essential for their peace of mind, this is why it is importand to start off with the right information regarding your status, it's vital that you have an ID Doctor you can talk too as well as support organisations, and of course other people living with HIV can provide both advise and information, that's why I'm glad you found this forum, there are many great guys here who can really help, all you have to do is ask.
Ultimately all decisions relating to your life will still be made by you but getting information is just as useful as any treatment...Knowledge and attitude are the best medicines as far as I'm concerned.

Who is told and how is a very difficult question to answer, telling close friends and family can provide a great relief and support, but it can also cause problems...I think what you need to ask yourself at this point is: people really need to know they need to know right now.

I think you should take your time, don't rush off and tell everyone straight away, you might regret it will know who you can and cannot tell, telling the right people can strengthen personal relations and help you feel less isolated but unfortunately it can also damage relationships..there is still a lot of stigma attached to an HIV diagnosis..very sad but true.

I personally have never had any problems with disclosure but I know a lot of the guys here have, so they would be able to come up with some good advise for you...Don't be afraid to ask questions.

I'm glad you had a beautiful day with your sister and the dog..look forward to hearing more from you.

Jan :)

Andy Velez:
Hello, Lost,

You have already received some thoughtful and experienced responses which tells you that you have found the right place. Welcome!

We're sorry you need to be here but we're glad you have found us.

First of all, please give yourself time. You don't have to do anything in rushed way. In terms of your health the most important thing right now is to be connected with a doctor who will regularly monitor your numbers. And someone with whom you can form a good partnership to keep you healthy.

There are some lessons which you can read in these pages which I think you will find helpful, including the one about disclosure. Even though you may understandably want to talk about this with someone you're close to, take your time and give some thought to whom you can trust with that information, and who will most likely be supportive to you. You mentioned that you're in an Asian country. Is there an HIV/AIDS service organization there which might be helpful to you in terms of support? 

Right now the whole idea of HIV may seem gigantic and overwhelming. But gradually I think you will find that although it is very important, it is not and will not be all that your life is about as the years go on. You will learn everything you need to know about staying healthy and you will see that your life is going to continue being about much more than living with this virus.

You're always welcome here to ask questions and to discuss anything that's on your mind.

So again, welcome.



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