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Nucleomax -- Trouble getting in contact with Tabs and More

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    I have been trying to place an order for Nucleomax with the company called Tabs and More, but I have encountered difficulty.  All of my e-mail is coming back rejected as spam.  I have tried calling them during normal business hours, but their answering machine doesn't accept voice mails.  I have even tried sending e-mails to their hostmaster for their internet service in hopes of getting their hostmaster to forward an e-mail to them on my behalf, but their hostmaster refused to do it.

   Has anyone been able to get in contact with them?  The new data on Nucleomax has confirmed the original findings published in Europe and confirms that the product can reverse genetic damage to the liver and other tissues.
It is quite pricy.  However, the product will probably be covered by insurance once it is FDA approved.  It is currently in Phase III trials in the US.

   I am wondering why no one has persued Triacetyluridine as a competing agent?  It might get the cost down.

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try yjis above email address for this company i have corresponded with them and always got a reply. let me know how is it going with this product, i do want to start, i am female , 32 years, having meds for about 10 years , all kind including crixivann and zerit, now i am on viread, videx and kalerta and i wonder with these current meds, will it be able to help me as well ?

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  I did finally get in contact with Tabs and More.  Apparently it just took a really long time because their spam filter was filtering a lot of stuff out.

  It is very important people continue to persue additional trials with both Triacetyluridine as well as Nucleomax.  Unfortunately the current Nucleomax study is only to show fat is regenerated and as a result, the study may fail.

  Simply because it doesn't produce fat doesn't mean it isn't highly usefull.  I hope this message serves as a warning to other hiv patients of the urgency and need to do an addtional ACTU study with both Nucleomax and Triacetyluridine for repairing and preventing additional neurological damage in hiv patients.  I would appreciate people sharing their responses with me.  I haven't found the folks ACTU headquarters all that receptive to suggestions.  Has anyone else had a different experience? :-[

Used for neuropathy since June 1993 in Spain. Uridine. Price: 8.90 euros.

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I wanted to start with the nucleomax , i wanted to order , its very expensive , about 80 - 100 euro per month ... my dr. could not recomand it as he doesn't know enought about this product , i also coresponded with the comapny for a while trried to get as much info as possible , the thing is i am longer on one of the meds this product suppose to cover / help , but i was .. i took zerit for years and damage is done ! so i wanted to try it anyway, but i dr. said that since i am planing on getting pregnant soon , its not recomended as i can not tell and there is no research for how nucleomax effect pregnant woman .. so i guess i will have to wait .. but i do want to know how it effect on other pepole who reied this product.


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