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Sobering statisctics .


Jeff G:
I attended a fundraiser to benefit Montgomery Aids Outreach in Montgomery Alabama sunday evening .

MAO is the ASO I used when I moved back to Alabama . This organisation was a key piece of the care and resources I needed during a tough time for me so I really relished being able to attend the event and see some old friends again also .

When Mike the executive director of MAO spoke to thank everyone for supporting the cause someone interupted him to ask him to share some statistics about who they serve and it was shocking news .

MAO serves the central Alabama region but has patients coming in from the Georgia and Florida boarders and as far west as Mississippi . They are now treating over 1300 patients a year and are pretty much responsible for the total sum of what healthcare these people receive .

Mike also informed us with a collective gasp of almost every attendee that the case load was increasing every month on an average of 20 to 25 new patients . I may be naive but that sounds like a staggering number of new Aids diagnoses for central Alabama alone .  

He also told us that the veterans administration was referring a large number of new infections for them to treat also on a monthly basis .

If not for the fundraiser benefits MAO can not meet its needs ... so I just bet the other agencies in you city or town are dealing with the same stresses . I'm going to keep this in mind next time I send a check to an ASO , I think I can dig a little deeper next time .


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