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Guys, reading through previous forums noticed a piece on Freedom health (based in london) these guys did a duo test on me (p24 and antibody) 10 weeks post exposure.  I was told definitive. (i have also had 7.5 week duo test at GUM and full all clear std screen)
Having read through a previous forum I saw these guys discredited with 'they should be reported!'  - this realted to the 28 day testing period.
My concern is that I guess I thought these guys a very reputable/reliable practice ( i understood they operate as GP's and under strict medical guidelines?) - I guess it just makes me doubt my test result.
My exposure - brief oral performed on me by a woman just met. I know you guys say no risk but some 'help' lines in uk recommend 12 week test for this!  I am married and scared shitless that I have infected my wife - she got a rash about 3 weeks ago (very itchy and raised on neck) and has a persistent cough and some bad asthma recently. I have just started to feel sore throat and rash on foot
Its our wedding anniversary today so guess just looking for some reassurance - 11years faithful - torn apart by a 1 min crap drunken BJ (pulled away before 'completion'!)  A friend told me I was absolutely nuts about all this testing, but just the thought of infecting my wife breaks me.....

Andy Velez:
English, no matter what your mind is telling you otherwise you were not at risk for HIV in getting a blowjob. Risk was zilch, nada, none. No kidding.

In the entire history of the epidemic there has never been a documented case of transmission in this manner and you aren't going to make history by becoming the first.

Just so you know, the average time to seroconversion when there has been a REAL risk, is 22 days. All but the smallest number of those who are going to seroconvert will do so within 4-6 weeks after an exposure to the HIV virus. So if you had a risk, which you didn't, a negative at 7 weeks is more than just encouraging. Ordinarily I always suggest re-testing at 13 weeks when there has been a risk, but in your case I wouldn't have thought testing to be necessary at all.

So what's we're really talking about here is guilt and remorse. You did a dumb and behaved like the rest of us dogs. You can't undo that. You need to take a breath and let it go. That's the most loving thing you can do for yourself and for your wife. Give yourself a break and have a happy anniversary evening. No kidding.


Thanks for your prompt reply - it really is appreciated - you guys must have so much patience with these endless BJ questions! Its just a nightmare when there is so much conflicting advice out there - I rang our std helpline twice after the event and told first call yes a significant risk and test  - then second call 'as long as no sores or blood then no need to test?! (it was dark so not sure?)
You are right I am consumed with guilt, and that is probably the issue here.
I had the 10 week test last week (done at the private clinic) and I guess was  nervous when read about these guys in a previous forum...did they do the test right?, did they use correct/clean equipment? - I know they are an hiv specialist clinic, and again I am fueling the 'what ifs!

I will give my wife a lovely evening - and thanks again for your information on this site and your compassion.

Andy Velez:
I have no idea what you are referring to in "previous forums." I do know what I have told you is the right stuff. No kidding.

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for your help on this.  I understand what youre saying and was pretty cool with getting a 12 week test this friday (just to close the deal!)  woke up this morning with a monster of a sore throat/fever - a little runny nose - I guess this is just a cold (runny nose not ars I hear?)

a second quick question is if a guy is super contagious during the window period would this not be detected in the p24 or antibody tests?

I am listening to you I guess the sore throat etc just freaked me out!


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