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new at awo: lookin' for a cure at sunset j (2 parts)

lookin’ for a cure at sunset j, part one: by day (360.1)

he’s the soul of the mmj booth, and he’s the center of the sunset j universe. everyone stops by to see him. saturday, he must have handed out five thousand invitations to the september 30, 2006 medical marijuana exposition in west hollywood. one at a time.

“hey! tenth anniversary of medical marijuana!”

lookin’ for a cure at sunset j, part two: by night (360.2)

you know the tale, the way my adventure starts. of course i take the wrong turn. of course i lose my way. millie’s voice in the distince enchants me over the threshold. all colors blueshift round me. my path takes me into a lyric world, into a night forest, and the setting sun never utters an orange or radiant peep.

hope you enjoy them.

-- lyr


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