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I actually tested Hiv+ three weeks ago, I was not shocked due to the fact that there were so many changes to my body, I was in and out of the emergency room with things from ( not sure on spellings, sorry ) Rheumatic Fever, acute pharyngitis, ear infection, and now i have Dyspnea, rapid weight loss, fatigue, exhaustion, i lose the ability to taste anything, my skin is staying dried out, are these things from HIV? I am hooked up were i got treated it's like a aids foundation and clinic and all kinds of resources in one, but the process is taking for ever and everybody is worried about my sudden and early problems nobody has answers for me, like Dyspnea should have gone away with the steroids but it has not, i can't even walk to the kitchen with out needing an inhail-er and nebulizer, the only time i am fine is in the bed and lying on my backand i have to keep water, and my inhail-er at my side because i wake up chocking for air. i go back and forth, sometimes i want to eat, and others i have no desire for food, and if i do eat i either have NO taste, little taste or everything taste salty, i have lost over 20lbs, as well as my toe nails and my finger nails are looking different and changing I could really go out with my vision, and other things that are happening to me.

 i don't under stand is how come all my visits to the er they could not catch this and always sending me home with meds that don't work? or made things worse
how come all this is happening so fast, i was 100% in June, not a single problem  this all happend within a few weeks and have not gone away
or am i going through a normal process

now, the sad side I was with my lover for five years, I never cheated and i got tested every year, and we Katrina came and took everything i own, and I had just moved to new Orleans 4yrs before Katrina, but i was healthy, and we relocated to Atlanta, and i build us a new life, got a good job, a  used Jeep ( My Fave kinda car in the word ) and he even found work, i was making it happen, my job let me go, and my boyfriend left me and moved to Texas with another guy, i got evicted and my jeep was repo'd and i found out that he was cheating wile we with me, my question here thought is i still talk to him, because love is blind and he is my heart no matter what, but how come he is not having no problems? he is healthy as the next HIV- person and i am rolling down a virus hill catching then all the way down?

and he said he got tested down in Texas, and it was Neg, however they said i have been HIV+ for about/over a year and trust we did not use protection, is he lying to me or can he actually infect me and not test HIV+ him self? because i never cheated and love this boy with all my heart so i know I didn't get it a stray and I always tested HIV- before him?

I'm sorry it's so long, but there is just so much, and it's like NOBODY has a answer for me tell me about these body changes.. because the TAST one effects me the most, but if anybody can help me out or something it would comfort me so

p.s I have lost all desire for sex, and my sex drive is gone, is that typical? i was never a big sexual person as it was, but it's just totally gone

Matty the Damned:

Welcome to the forums, doll. I'm sorry you come to us with such burdens at this time, but it's good that you found us.

Wow, life's been a bit tough for you, of late hasn't it? As for you feeling ill, not all of those (or indeed any) of the things you're experiencing at the moment are necessarily AIDS related. They can be caused by many things. If you're feeling unwell, you should talk to your doctor.

As for your former partner, I think we can say it was he who infected you. You were faithful to him and clearly he was not. Given that HIV doesn't fall from the heavens, it's pretty clear what happened. People are not always truthful about their status or perhaps they just don't know because they won't get tested.

Nevertheless, who infected you is really not this issue anymore. The issue is that you have HIV infection and that's not going to change. The good news is that you have many health care options these days so the future looks bright for us HIVers.

Take the time to read our lessons section. It contains lots of useful information on HIV, the test used to diagnose and monitor it, different treatments and some of the problems we face.

Once again, welcome!



Hey MTD,

Thanks for the responce and welcome, I am OK with my newly HIV status, like i said some many medical things it had to be something, I'm Happy to know whats wrong so i can get better, and thank you for the advise I actually don't have a doctor, however the facility I am going through will be providing my lab work, my tests, I have a case manager they get me on meds and I'll have a personal doctor it's just a slow process in the beginning so I'm not getting answers fast enough from them, that's why i asked the questions i did and once again thank you

ohh...and I already know he gave it to, i still love him and I don't fault him, and I don't wish on to him anything wrong, my questioning was more he only got sick once why is he living up the life and not having any real problems and i am falling out the infection tree catching every infection on the way down


Hello Jysn2, it is Eldon. I wish to extend a warm WELCOME to you to the forums. Here you will find love, encouragement, understanding, support, fun, and many answers to your questions relating to HIV/AIDS. We have an excellent group of individuals and there is a lot of information on this site.

I am sorry to hear that you have now tested positive with HIV. The good news is that you now know and you can do something about it rather than walk around not knowing. It is unfortunate that your "X" has decided to take the path that he is currently on. The main thing now, is that you take care of yourself.

At the clinic, if you have to do a "walk-in" with the Doctor, the sooner the better so that he/she can find out what is going on with you. Call or go down there and have them make the BEST of effort to get you scheduled to see a Doctor. in the interim, try to eat so that you can maintain your weight. I understand it is rough as I have been there also where I had no desire for food until my Doctor put me on my meds.

Try to drink as many fluids as you can. As far as your walking, although it is kind of rough on you at the moment, try to get up out of the bed and walk from room to room to get a little exercise. As far as your rest goes,,,if your body demands it, get your proper rest. In the interim, try to Educate yourself as much as you can on HIV/AIDS so that you can gain an understanding of what it is all about.

Here is the appropriate link where you want to start reading information on HIV:

Again, Welcome & Have the BEST Day!

Matty the Damned:
Hey Jsyn,

As you'd know, HIV/AIDS affects all of us differently. Some people potter along for years with no or minimal ill effects and others go down like the proverbial sack of shit in a very short order. It sounds to me like you've got the right attitude there, doll. Getting a regular specialist doctor is very important, however so work with your case manager to get that sorted out. Don't be afraid of asserting yourself to get what you need.

That said, don't feel you have to rush into any decisions. Take your time and do things as and when you're ready. Remember that you've got the support of all of us here.

Fond regards from the Southern Hemisphere!




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