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Hiv risk through rubbing/frottage

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Thank you so much for the information. I am just a bit freaked out because despite JUST getting my hiv test results, that frottage experience was only a week away from my test. I freaked out also because I got a sore throat like 2 weeks later, which for some reason I expected. I don't get it though, if you don't mind me asking. They say that hiv can attach itself to the special immune cells in the foreskin because it is a mucuous membrane (?), but then I also read somewhere that the skin inside the foreskin is still too thick for hiv to infect from outside the body. Which is true? How fast does the virus die AFTER it's exposed to air? I heard it takes up to five minute, other places have said it dies the instant it is exposed. Or does it just cripple it's ability to transmit when it is exposed to air?

Also I have recently taken my temperature, and it is abnormally low. It's between  96 degrees and 97 orally, and is 97-98 rectally. Is this an indication of hiv infection, I thought my sore throat would be accompanied by a fever, not a low temperature.

Andy Velez:
Here are some basics to remember:

Neither the presence nor the absence of so-called symptoms will tell you anything accurately about HIV status. If there has been a risk through the only confirmed sexual risks, unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse, then testing at 13 weeks is required for an all clear.

The risk through an uncircumcised penis is only through unprotected intercourse, not through outside the vagina contact.

The virus is very fragile and begins to be inactive when it hits the air.

Use condoms consistently and you'll be fine as far as sexual transmission is concerned.

Get on with your  life and use condoms. Really.

Ok. Sorry for being a nuissance. My exposure was with a guy though and it was precum exposure I was worried about but I suppose because it was in air it does not make a difference. I guess I am overreacting, I live on a college campus and some people at work were also sick, I have also been really stressed lately because of hiv concern and of course school and work. Maybe that has something to do with my sore throat. Again, I apologize. I thank you for your patience and information and wish you luck in the future. =)

Andy Velez:
OK. Duly noted. A sore throat is not even remotely an HIV-specific occurence. Unfortunately once HIV fears are stirred up then everything that happens physically becomes another cause for concern or a SIGN of HIV. 'taint so. You are worrying needlessly.

Okay so I am still confused. I have read on the body that it takes a few hours for hiv to become inactive and is can still be transmitted while the fluid has not dried. I found this on "THE BODY" website,"CDC laboratory studies have shown that drying HIV reduced the viral amounts by 90 to 99% within SEVERAL HOURS."  That would mean that I could have still got hiv from the precum accidently rubbing onto my foreskin from his stomach, thus being taken in by the dendritic cells and infecting my bloodstream.   

What concerns me the most is that I have read that the foreskin basically absorbs WAY more HIV than even vaginal tissue. =( I am afraid that the small amount of precum I may have rubbed with my penis during the frottage accident was enough to infect. I did not wash after the incident (I showered before the incident). I don't know if any large amount was on my foreskin, but I could have missed some. I know that foreskin is more sucseptible to infection due to another post on, "The Body" :
3. The studies do indicate that male circumcision decreases the risk for acquiring HIV. However, if you follow safer sexual techniques, I don't feel it's necessary.

4. Langerhan's cells (dendritic cells) play an important role in the initiation of HIV infection by virtue of the ability of HIV to bind to specific cell surface receptors of these cells. This allows efficient presentation of HIV to CD4 cells that then become infected. The foreskin contains Langerhan's cells.

5. A mucous membrane is a thin layer (membrane) that lines all internal body passages that communicate directly with air outside the body, such as the respiratory and alimentary tracts, and which has specialized cells or glands that secrete mucous. HIV can permeate mucous membranes, but it cannot permeate intact skin. The foreskin is not a mucous membrane. However, it is a specialized type of skin and HIV can be taken up by the Langerhan's (dendritic) cells located within the foreskin.

Then after reading this I saw a post on this very forum that bothered me. On most replies in the forum it has been repeated alot that frottage and mutual masturbation is not a risk for hiv no matter what twist are put on it, but does that apply to uncut penises? This worried me:

"As I said, HIV is not easily transmitted. It's a fragile virus.

In all but a miniscule number questionable cases, it occurs through either vaginal or anal intercourse. For it to get into your pee hole, it has to be open and exposed for more than the kind of brief period you have described. As far as the receptivity of the glans, it's an uncircumciised guy who is at risk. Even if you are uncircumcised, and IF the guy is HIV+, the semen hitting the air would very quickly lose its viability.

Youir mind if working way overtime on IFS right now. Lay off of that stuff. It's bad for your health, no kidding. "

This post clearly indicates that I do INDEED have a risk, yet I have been told I didn't have a risk even if I was uncut. What does the poster mean by "quickly"? Precum doesn't dry in a matter of seconds when exposed to air so that would still render it infectious right? I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything or a nuisance, but I'm just curious and scared!

I have never had a problem with my foreskin infection wise, would this decrease the chances of me contracting HIV? This anxiety is too much for me! After this it's NO MORE SEXUAL ANYTHING! I never knew sexual contact, penetrative or not can be so dangerous!

The worst part is that I can't test yet, gotta wait 2 weeks till the 6 week benchmark then again for the 12 week benchmark! I can barely sleep, HIV is all that is on my mind! Even when I study that's all I can think of, it's gonna be a rough wait isn't there another way?

I'm sorry I rambled off a bit. I know this is not subsitute for counseling I'm just freaking out though! 


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