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Hiv risk through rubbing/frottage

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Matty the Damned:
Listen kid,

You need to pull yourself together.

We cannot account for the information posted on other websites. We can only vouch for the information here on our own site. And that information is drawn from peer reviewed scientific sources, it is then reviewed by an editorial board of HIV experts before being transformed into lessons by experienced HIV educators.

Check out our Welcome Thread and follow the links to our lessons on HIV transmission. It's all written up in there.

--- Quote ---Then after reading this I saw a post on this very forum that bothered me. On most replies in the forum it has been repeated alot that frottage and mutual masturbation is not a risk for hiv no matter what twist are put on it, but does that apply to uncut penises? This worried me:

"As I said, HIV is not easily transmitted. It's a fragile virus.

In all but a miniscule number questionable cases, it occurs through either vaginal or anal intercourse. For it to get into your pee hole, it has to be open and exposed for more than the kind of brief period you have described. As far as the receptivity of the glans, it's an uncircumciised guy who is at risk. Even if you are uncircumcised, and IF the guy is HIV+, the semen hitting the air would very quickly lose its viability.

Youir mind if working way overtime on IFS right now. Lay off of that stuff. It's bad for your health, no kidding. "

--- End quote ---

Horseshit. You're reading that all wrong. Your anxiety is driving you to find the answers you want, rather than to accept the facts as they are.

We have explained to you that you were not at risk from the rather banal frottage exchange in your OP. We have explained why. If you will not or cannot accept our answers to your questions, that's your lookout.

But understand this, you will not be allowed to post endlessly about non-risk situations. Nor will you be permitted to quote mine other threads in an attempt to feed the HIV phobia monster that's currently residing between your ears.

So cut the crap, read our Welcome Thread and familiarise yourself with the posting guidelines or you may well find yourself dealing with an irritated Moderator.

If your anxiety is as bad as you say it is your best bet would be to see a counsellor. We cannot provide you with that kind of support.


Sorry :-[

What worried me about the sore throat is that I was taking vitamins B-complex, C , throat and cold drops, and calcium to prevent getting sick, because a girl at work got sick, and others were getting sick with fatigue in sore throats. So I as mostly trying to prevent the sore throat, so it shouldn't have happened should it? Okay so I have two other situations.

One (about 5.5 weeks ago) was  where I met with this older guy. I didn't go there specifically for anything sexual however (it was a public place don't really feel like going into details  :-[), but I ended up (much to my own fault of course) recieving a blow job from him. While doing that, he also fingered my anus. My worry is that what if there was blood in his mouth, assuming he was positive, and that the motion of my penis in his mouth massaged the blood into my foreskin, causing HIV infection. I am also worried that he had precum on his fingers while fingering me, and precum went inside my anus thus infecting me. Does that not count as penetration?

Another incident (about 3 weeks ago) , I was in a steam room and this guy and I jacked off, and then jacked off each other. If there was precum on his fingers and he jacked me off, could that have transmitted hiv more efficiently due to the high temperature in the steam room? 

The main reason I am posting again is because I got this dry scaly spot on the back of my neck and I'm afraid it an ARS rash. At first I thought it was ringworm, then I thought maybe it was a burn. It lasted for about 3 to 4 days and has mostly went away. Does this look like anything associated with the ARS rash (copy and paste)?


file:///C:/Users/Raynardo/Pictures/Random%20photos/100_0043.JPG  - the second one was after i put lotion on it

Is this even a rash?

I know you guys probably don't care, but due to all this I am now entering into a commitment of celibacy, so don't think this behavior is ''chronic''.

Thank you for your help and have a nice day ;).


For a start, taking the supplements you mention has never been conclusively proven to prevent getting colds and sore throats. If everyone around you was coming down with this bug, there's no logical reason to think that your illness was anything different to theirs.

Nothing you report is a risk for hiv infection. Mutual masturbation is not a risk for hiv infection and neither is fingering of any sort, regardless of the presence or absence of precum.

Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus that is primarily transmitted INSIDE the human body as in unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse where the virus never leaves the confines of the two bodies. Once hiv finds itself outside the body, small changes in temperature and pH and moisture levels all quickly damage the virus and render it unable to infect.

Getting a blowjob is also not a risk for hiv infection. Not only is saliva not infectious, but it also contains over a dozen different proteins and enzymes that damage hiv and render it unable to infect. Unless you're in the habit of repeatedly punching a person in the mouth before they blow you, there could not possibly be enough blood present to pose a problem. No way.

The rash that SOMETIMES accompanies hiv seroconversion is not raised or scaly and it does not itch or burn. If you didn't see it, you'd have no idea it was there.

You did not have a risk and you do not need to test over these latest concerns.

Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, correctly and consistently, and you will avoid hiv infection. It really is that simple!


I know you guys told me I had no risk but...well, I still got up and went for a rapid hiv test, which came back negative. I got a blood test done also, but haven't been to pick up the results because I'm sure it's negative (read on). Unfortunately not too long after that I had another incident, and this is an actual risk. I went to this guy's house I met online where we were supposed to be just watching a movie, but that's not all we did. We ended up having intercourse after I stupidly agreed to it (which I take full responsiblility for this, as I did meet him online though I took condoms just in case). We went once protected with a condom...everything went fine. We finished, I took the condom off after intercourse and it was done. Then we went a second time, this time I used one of the condoms that I brought. I put it on and I thought everything was going fine until I finished, I noticed the condom was NOT THERE. :'( It turns out that sometime during intercourse, the condom got stuck up inside him. I remember feeling some ''wetness'' at some time roughly about 60% through the 2nd intercourse but it did not occur to me that it was the condom slipping off. When I pulled out and saw no condom I was horrified. Here I am trying to be safe and it backfires. I know I need to control my sexual behaviour and know how to use condoms, so please don't lecture me on that.

So I left and started to frantically call places requesting PEP but nowhere was open. I also was trying to find a place that could do PCR testing but they said I had to wait 72 hours and on top of that it was about 250$. So after about 36 hours of pacing and worrying I finally went to the Emergency Room. I first saw a nurse who said that he would have to do an hiv test 1st to make a baseline for prescribing Meds. So he drew blood for the test and said it would take about 5 to 7 days. (which came back negative-these results actually came back before the health department's blood work which is why I didn't go pick up the blood work from the health department, this is in addition to the fact that it came up negative with the rapid hiv test at the health department) Which doesn't make sense considering that I went there to PREVENT becoming completely infected before it was too late. I have the strange feeling he didn't know what he was talking about. He also told me that the meds are very expensive, and that the virus can lie dormant for many years before coming up on a test, basically this didn't help me much. So, I talked to the doctor and he asked me rather I was the insertive or receptive partner. I told him I was the insertive one/top, and he asked me if the guy was a confirmed hiv positive person, and I told him that he (the guy) told me he was negative, but I was worried that he may have lied or been in a window period. I wish I just would have lied about that now so I could get the meds, because he ended up not prescribing me anything. Perhaps if I mentioned I was uncut he would have given it to me. It kind of pisses me off because I see online where all these people got PEP for extremely low risk situations yet I had a situation that I think was fairly high given the circumstances yet he denied it to me. He told me to follow up with another HIV test in 6 weeks @ the health department and to "watch my sexual behavior". He also said he isn't prescribing because he thought the chance I contracted everything was too slim.  So I left with nothing but a big ER bill and all this has me angry with myself. 
I asked the guy about his status and of course he said he was negative, but this really doesn't mean much to me. Afterward he told me he had a boyfriend and that they hookup outside the relationship every now and then, yet he says I have nothing to worry about. This was after the 72 hour PEP period and I feel if he told me this BEFORE I could have probably qualified for the damn meds. Of course this is all my fault for not asking but this scenario would never had even crossed my mind :(. I never knew people did this type of things so often and the fact that I was putting myself in such great danger out of shear stupidity. I don't think I really trust condoms anymore I dont understand why it slipped off, I must have used it wrong but I dont know how.

I've been trying to find places where I can get PCR testing done but can't find anywhere cheap enough. I can't believe I have to go through this shit again, and the thing is that, aside from abstinence, I did pretty much everything I could to prevent getting infected. (condoms, seeking pep). I thought I was being smart and careful but with this incident, and I doubt that guy even knows his status at all,  the odds are against me. I've heard that the risk for a single episode of unprotected sex is low but I know that this really doesn't mean much, as people have been infected from one episode especially when the other person is in the window period.


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