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This thread on here may be an old subject but being pretty new to the forums on this would help me to understand "how people think" to get some thoughts on what people think about living on disability. After working for 30 years and paying into the system..........Why is it people equate SSD with welfare.......SSI also is not the same as SSD, but alot of people don't know the difference....I worked for 11 years under the work rules to supplement my income and now that the economy is in the tank and the works not there.....Why I am I treated like a deadbeat by working women I contact?...... Why can't a working woman be thrilled that she has a job and be glad she has the opportunity to be with a man who's still productive and can help carry the burdens and especially those at home that get neglected because of priorities..... It seems people have become so shallow that even taking the time to find out who each other are, if one compatability factors out of place forget it........I guess the art of compromise is dead for to many and it truly in my opinion is an art form....... of love.

I find that a lot of women like security, specifically financial security.  Men don't seem to have the same sorts of hang ups.  That's about all I can say without sounding like a misogynist.

It's the same way in a LGBT relationship, so don't feel bad that's the way it is, most people that still work don't won't a person on SSDI, SSI. SSD, or anything else, not all people think that way tho, and no matter what others may think, you'll find someone, somewhere that will like you for who you are, and not how much you make a year. and if your living on disability or not  ;)

My two cents.  I have no negative perceptions of someon who is on SSD or SSI.  If someone qualifies for either, they deserve it.  They qualify because they are unable to work.  Scams are another matter but we shouldn't assume someone is a scammer.  Just like we shouldnt assume all investment bankers are scamming the system.

Here in Switzerland there is less stigma about people on disability.  The culture believes that everyone deserves food, shelter, medical care, etc. 

Nobody on disability is living high on the hog.  And I doubt disability puts a huge crimp in the budgets of developed countries.

I have run into that myself just from friends who don't know that I am on disability.  One girl automatically assumed that I was on welfare and was talking junk about me living off the system. Not to me, of course, to another friend of ours.  You probably don't want to be involved with anyone that is as shallow as that anyway, they are just saving you time and energy.  
Keep looking and keep your head up.

Good luck,


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