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Florida Ryan White Eligibility Changes

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Everyone down here in florida that gets your medical and dental thru ryan white and has upcoming appointments best call your clinic and make sure your ryan white expiration date wasnt changed. I go to the BCHD clinic up in Pompano and the receptionist told me that people are coming in with appointments only to find out their ryan white is no longer active b/c of the change of renewing from once a year to every 6 months. State officials are visiting every clinic and pushing back expiration dates. So for example if you went in say in January to renew ryan white and think u are good til next Jan u are wrong.  The state changed the dates retroactive so even before the change went into place people who already applied and thought they have a year they dont. So if u did it in January then it was changed to expire in July.

Best just to call your clinic and just ask them when you expire no matter when you renewed ryan white.....that way u dont waste time going to an appointment and cant be seen


--- Quote from: gregftl on September 16, 2010, 05:57:05 PM ---No wonder they are having such huge financial problems. Every 6 months is a huge waste of time and resources
--- End quote ---
no lie! sorry to hear you're having such issues down there. I know there have to be some hoops to jump through but I can't see how this decreased approved time span helps handle the current client load, much less the 1500+ on the waiting list.

at least your state has the finances to pay the travel expenses of those state officials sending them around the state to throw all the clnics and patients into confusion. ::) LOL

It's not like the olden days when people were dying off so fast, you couldn't expect them to need assistance for more than a yr or two. You'd think it'd be to everyone's advantage to extend the approval period to 2 or 5 yrs (depending upon change of housing or finances of course) as these are life-long meds not something that are just taken for a short period of time.

Yah and considering our state legislature is controlled by the republicans doesnt help b/c i'm sure all these state appointed hiv people are republicans too and not too compassionate about people. Seems like they are more interested in lining their own pockets with money and wasteful trips around the state than saving people's lives.


Well tomorrow morning i get to spend alot time on the phone with my ryan white eligibility guy to find out why my ryan white expiration date was changed. Wish me luck.


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