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Florida Ryan White Eligibility Changes

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Andy Velez:
Hey All,

Opinions have been clearly and rancourously stated here. Repeatedly. It doesn't appear to me that anyone is going to persuade/dissuade anyone else off of of what they have already stated. We know what each of you thinks and what you think of each others. Endgame.

Rather than have this thread continue on its torturous and tortured way and have the fragile cap on snarky bile get blown off, I am going to lock this down.

And I don't want to see a Thread 2 showing up.

Andy Velez:
After giving the matter further thought and some conversation with Greg, I've suggested that he begin a new thread about Florida Ryan White eligibility. As he has pointed out it is an important issue. For anyone who chooses to participate in the new thread, please focus on the issue and let's not get sidetracked again in any other "stuff." Thanks for your cooperation.


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