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Florida Ryan White Eligibility Changes

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Anyone else on here living in Florida recently have their Ryan White eligiiblity for medical and dental services mysteriously changed in the past 2 weeks? Ryan White is supposed to be good for a full year.

I called over to the Pompano BCHD clinic to make a dental appointment and the receptionist told me that I couldnt make an appt b/c my Ryan White eligibility had run out April 8. Last time I did eligibility was Oct 8, 2009 and my notice of eligibility that they gave me when I did it last says my ryan white expires Oct 8, 2010. The dental woman said some officials from Tallahassee were there last week messing around with eligibility dates. I faxed her my copy of eligibility acceptance form that showed it expired oct 8 but the eligibility guy wasnt there at the time so she couldnt do anything to help me.

So I  have learned tonite that florida is now requiring people to renew ryan white every 6 months now instead of once a year like it has been for ages. This is the only state I know of that makes people renew BOTH ADAP and Ryan White every 6months. No wonder they are having such huge financial problems. Every 6 months is a huge waste of time and resources.

The dental woman said that they have had to turn away alot of appointments b/c people have been coming in for their scheduled appointment only to be told their ryan white expired months ago. Tons of people have been having to schedule eligibility appointments to renew their ryan white.

Just wondering if anyone else here in FL has experienced this



As I understand it, you have to go through eligibility every 6 months.  I don't use the dental, as I have dental through work.

I am looking at the Notice of eligibility right now. I was enrolled into Ryan white on 12/28/09, through the VA.

You have to qualify every 6 months, and complete the eligibilty form again.  I did the second one on 7/12/10. She informed me this would have to be done, on a 6 month basis.


Just wanted to add,  ( and clarify) on my first Notice of eligibility, from 12/28/09 ( In about the center of the page) , it states

Re-determination date due no later than 6/28/10

After I was re-certified on 6/28/10  my next certification date is 1/12/11  


Just to get it out there, in Pinellas county, Ryan White uses the Dolphin Dental Group for dentistry:


Well that's not how it's been here in Broward County. It's always been u have to renew Ryan White (medical, dental) one time a year. This change to every 6 months apparently only came in late august. I'm not talking about ADAP for meds...........i know u have to do that every 6 months but Ryan White eligibility you do separate from ADAP..... and has always been good for one year since I moved to Florida back in 2001.


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