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Still worried after so much time ...


Hello All,

I used to be an active worried-well member in the past (Really Anxious). My story: I had protected sex with a sex worker in Africa three years ago. I know that this is classified as a low to null risk. However, because I had problems with my health (thrush, fatigue) during the window period, I decided to get tested for hiv 1/2 at 3, 6 and finally 8 months after the "incident". All tests came back negative and I decided to let it go.

Since then, thrush, fatigue have persisted with joint pain and now folliculitis (all diagnosed by my ID doc and my dermatologist).
So, I am back to my old worries and have decided to test again next Tuesday.

I guess I write to get some reassurance from you guys because, having been through it, this is a stressful period.

Any help appreciated.

Andy Velez:
You don't need any reassurance from us about HIV. As long as you haven't had any risky incidents since you tested negative again and again, you were and you remain HIV negative. Period. End of story.

If you have physical concerns, you should be discussing them with your doctor.

As for the emotional stuff, if you really can't let go of this worry maybe it's time for you to see a therapist or other such professional to discuss what's got you hanging on to this worry.

This is NOT an HIV situation. Period.



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