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Tested negative with blood test at 6 months.  Have been abstinent 8 months.  Continue to have strange, mild but chronic symptoms.  Some of which are similar to my previous partner.  Is a six month window period really definitive?  From my research, I see that current window period standards have all been set on a single study.  The '51 health care worker' case and Dr. Michael Busch.  I ask because I've seen a few reports on the internet about 1+ year seroconversions and old standards were as high as 3+ years.  It seems like it's still kind of a grey area.  This isn't meant to be cynical.  I'm just an obsessive, skeptical bastard. 

Matty the Damned:
Yes Skillet, your 6 month test is definitive, no ifs or buts. Symptoms mean nothing and I would encourage you to read our Welcome Thread.

You don't need to test again over this incident.



Andy Velez:
The CDC is quite conservative about testing and has for sometime considered THREE MONTHS to be a reliable testing point except where IV drug use or a severely depleted immune system is involved (due to cancer treatment or such).

Without even knowing your risk you did not need to test beyond 3 months.

If you scour the web you are going to find all sorts of unfounded "stuff" to feed your worst fears. Lay off of doing that because it's bad for your health, no kidding.

If you are having any troubling symptoms you should be discussing them with your doctor. Stop self-diagnosing yourself. They have nothing to do with HIV even if your mind tells you otherwise. Also no kidding.

This is not an HIV situation.


Thanks for the quick responses.  Going to stop with the self pitty now.  And yea Andy, making yourself sick about worrying your sick is a pretty ungrateful practice.  You have to focus on what made it even matter in the first place.  Tomorrow isn't guaranteed to any of us.  Appreciate the time you have. 


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