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what is my risk for hiv.... please read


i recently gave oral sex to a women i haven't known to well. it was my first time ever giving oral sex.  my lip swilled about 2x larger then usual i had caught herpes as my doctor says, but since then i have gotten a rash on my back large 1-2 inch radius flat legions. I also have constant itching in fingernails, anus, penis, eyes, and tip off penis.  I lips keep peeling white skin that doesn't look like any case of herpes I've ever seen or anything i could find on the net.  My stool has been green for the last 2 weeks i would say everytime. i have small bumps on the face that itch like crazy.  I've been back and forward to different doctors at least 8 times complaining that my herpes is spreading but I'm worried it might have caught some else I'm afraid my man doctor which i have seen at least five times is sick of me but i never notice the rash on my back so he doesn't know about that.  also my face just can't stay dry it is constant moisture on my face (sweat) as well as headache, maybe from stress.  I never had sex with out a condemn sex with anyone except for oral, this incident was no different but my penis not feeling normal at all I am afraid something from my hand has spread there as well as didn't receive any oral sex and approx 1 year. I rarely have sex this is my first time ever having anyproblem after sex at all and I'm freakin.  when i was in the hospital barely able to talk i told my self sex is the worst thing ever and i would quit associating with thoughts of sex.  Man I'm one scared prick... what is my risk for hiv??? please help thanks you.

oh yeah i have been taking acyclovir and sometimes cimetidine i'm was hoping they would be the reason for the rash... i hope that is the case

Matty the Damned:
Dumb Prick, (well it's what you called yourself ;))

You are not at risk of contracting HIV because you went down on a woman. HIV is just not transmitted that way. Other STD's such as genital herpes can be transmitted this way and are much more common and contagious than HIV.

Sexually active people should have a routine full STD screen at least twice a year. A full screen includes an HIV antibody test. If it's been a while since your last screen or if you've never been screened before you might want to make an appointment with your doctor or local clinic.

Symptoms mean nothing when it comes to diagnosing HIV, and yes some sorts of medications can cause rashes and other symptoms. If you're feeling unwell you should discuss it with your doctor.

Also please read our Welcome Thread to learn more about how HIV is and is not transmitted.



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