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itchy rashes coming in 5th week

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Now I'm developing painful salivary glands. GP simply gave me some antibiotic medicine. Somewhere it is said a symptom of HIV oral development as well. I feel I ruined up my life. I start to distrust him. I wen to him for a cure of white scrap in my mouth, but came with salivary glands...... :'(


As you were told in your thread in the old forum, symptoms or the lack of symptoms mean nothing when it comes to hiv infection.

You have a six week negative hiv result and that is not likely to change. Whatever is going on with you has nothing to do with hiv.


Andy Velez:
I'm not sure if you are unhappy with your doctor or your sex partner. Or both. If it's your doctor, go to someone else whom you feel better about.

You can keep piling on the symptoms if you must. It's not going to change what you have been repeatedly told. Nothing you are reporting is suggestive of HIV.

Are you taking in what is being said to you or are you just listening to those tapes running around in your head?

Dear Ann and everybody,

I got a 9.5-weeks neg for HIV-1 and-2, but still anxious. My skin and lymphs in neck have problem, as well as the white removable stuff in my mouth. Is there undetectable HIV antibody? Is it possible if my immune system is very weak, it takes longer time to show up the HIV antibody??


There are not any undetectable antibodies. If you had a weaken immune system you wouldn't be sitting typing on your computer.


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