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scared to death

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Hello Redheadboi, it is Eldon. First of all, I wish to extend you a warm WELCOME to the family here at AM. Here you will find love, encouragement, support, fun, and many answers to your questions relating to HIV/AIDS. Here we have a great group of individuals for your support and there is a lot of information on this website.

The first place you should begin is here; Go To:

I too was overwhelmed and scared when I found out about my diagnosis, you are not alone. We are all in this together. I want to encourage you to think positive, start drinking plenty of fluids, change your diet, and get your proper rest. Just as Ray said; Take your antibiotics as your Doctor has prescribed them to you.

Feel free to come and visit from time to time and vent your concerns and frustrations.

Again, Welcome!

Have the BEST Day.


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