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Anna Nicole's press release confirming her pregnancy...

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So... who the hell is she and why should anyone other than she and her family care if she's going to pop a baby out?

Just wondering...


LOL.  Ann where have you been?  Oh, on the Isle of man!  hehe

Anna Nicole Smith used to be a model, (I think that's the best way to describe her).  She was Playboy's playmate of the year in the early 90s.  She modeled for Guess jeans I think. She's a healthy girl in a Marilyn Monroe kind of way, (had a great figure not like those skinny, anorexic looking models).  She once told an interviewer that her playmate diet consisted of fried chicken.  She eventually gained a lot of weight, (and then lost it all and became spokesperson for the product that helped her lose the weight....which was eventually banned by the FDA due to it having the unfortunate side effect of killing people).

She really because famous when she married a Texas billionare (who was like 100).  She's also from Texas, btw.  Sadly her husband died the following year (what a surprise) and she's been fighting his son for half of her late husband's estate ever since, (her case was even argued before the US Supreme Court).

She's also famous for being really, really stupid.  Like really stupid.  In a very naive, almost not funny but kinda sad, sort of way.

I remember working at the printers one evening, (Lwood knows what the printers is), and we were all waiting for the documents to come back so we watched her reality TV show.  She finally received her late husband's ashes, well half his ashes, cause the other half went to the son, (also the result of a court case).  So she gave her dead husband's partial remains a tour of her brand new mansion, (paid for with his money), and finally ended with what was to be his final resting place...the top of her tv.

That's Anna Nicole Smith.

OMG!! :o
I can't envision Anna as a mother. For criminy sakes.
That poor kid. :-\


--- Quote from: Lisa on June 02, 2006, 01:03:20 PM ---OMG!! :o
I can't envision Anna as a mother. For criminy sakes.
That poor kid. :-\

--- End quote ---
Lisa, the sad part is that she is already a mother.  She already has a son that is probably 18-20 years old now.  He's from her first marriage (cause I doubt her second one was ever consummated).


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