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can HIV be passed through razors?


my daughter cut herself on my mother in laws razor, im am not sure if she is hiv+ but she has been arrested numerous times for prostitution. what should i do and could my daughter be infected?

Andy Velez:
I've never known anyone to be infected in that manner.

It's really one of those "what ifs" which is more about a theoretical risk rather than an actual one.

What if the razor owner is HIV+ and what if she cut herself using the razor and what if the blood was absolutely fresh on the razor and what if the HIV virus which is quite fragile survived to remain viable....?

So no, I don't see this as a risky incident nor one for which your daughter needs to be tested.

Please read the lesson on transmission on this site. I think you will find all the basics there that you will need to be concerned about. There's a link to it in the first thread in this section.

I appreciate your concern but it's unwarranted.


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