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Lousy way to start a Friday

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Just got a call from someone who told me he is waiting on an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

He told me he wants to die. He said he is tired of fighting AIDS, has made his final plans, gave away his dog, who has been with him for years, and fully intends for this to be his final journey.

I respect his decision and, frankly, saw it coming. Still, this is a sad time because, even though this guy could drive you crazy, I will miss him if, indeed, he follows through with this.

Just wanted to vent.



Mark...  I truly understand.  When David gave was obvious and although I wanted
desperately to keep him with me, I had to respect his decision.  I know how hard this is
for you but don't let this diminish your own spirit.  But you're is a lousy way to
start the day.  Keep your chin up, good buddy! :-*

Hi Mark,

Yes, these calls can work your last Gay nerve.  I do also understand his need to follow through with this, but please see if there is a hospice anywhere near his location, as this is a far better demise than to go all the way to a hospital.  Also the cost to Ryan White is less and that is now important.  

Other than that, if he dies in a Hospice, as opposed to a hospital, will the state of New Mexico take up the cost of burial in any case?  I know if he is a veteran, the place of his death makes a difference in his burial.  

Thinking of you today.  

In Love and Support.

Sending you hugs and know that you and your friend are in my thoughts and prayers.


Hey Mark,

Sorry to hear such bummer news.  Wish I could be of more help but my thoughts will be with you and your friend.



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