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Is anyone taking this?  I watched BBC2's Alternative Medicine: herbal medicine Sutherlandia  & have been taking the stuff since Feb.  Is anyone else taking it here?  I just take it as another vitamin pill.  Do you think it's a waste of money?  I see it like buying a hope, a hope that it'll increase my CD4 lvl.

Hi Nick,

firstly, welcome to the forums!

I took sutherlandia - a herb that grows mostly in Africa and is called Kankerbost in South Africa I believe. It was my first choice of medication when I was diagnosed because at the time I absolutely refused to take any allopathic medecine.

There are various reports about Sutherlandia and most tend to support it as a cure for some ailments and a help for the improvement of a few chronic conditions. As for HIV, it seems to work for some people in keeping the virus in check, for some time. It did not for me but that doesn't mean of course that it does not work. (just that my virus is a smart bugger >:()

I reached a point where allopathic medecine was needed so I do not take it anymore, primarily because of possible interactions with haart drugs. I do take a regimen of phytotherapy (plant based) as a complementary medecine to support my liver and body in general versus the side effects.
My doctor is the one who balances this menu - and I would advise you to find someone knowledgeable about plants and not just self medicate. (if that's your case)


Hi Nick,

I was taking vitamin and mineral supplements and some herbs, and had a quite stable CD4 and viral load for a long time. Then decided to stop it
all and try only Sutherlandia for three months, between my blood tests.
My CD4's went down and my viral load went up, a coincident maybe, but
for sure it wasn't of any help for me either. I remember that I read some months later that Sutherlandia shouldn't be taken by HIV positive people.

Went back to my vitamin and mineral supplements, but unfortunately it wasn't possible to stop the downward trend.



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