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Hi my cholesterol dropped from 190 to 128 when I started eating bee pollen and taking omega 3 capsules.  as hfcs, look for sweets made in other countries where they don't subsidize the corn industry. I noticed the Mexican and South American soda doesn't use that crack- I mean crap.

I also found the more you wean yourself off of sugar the more you don't want it.
I wonder how many of the problems people post here are from poor diets. If I eat in a greasy spoon my body totally rejects it. If I eat a mac I will have stomach pains all night.

Hey all,

I hope I didn't come off sounding like I was dissing your diet Bradley. That wasn't my intent.

My thoughts were stemming from trying to eat out occasionally. Not an easy task in a rural area where "chicken fried" is a way of life.

 I do a lot of my own food preparation. Rather than eggs, I eat scrambled tofu with onions and green chile. I also use soy milk and make my own bread from soy, quinoa, rice, tapioca and fava bean flours. (It's really not bad. I think I would continue to do this even if I didn't need to.)

I do have a question, since both you and Pat have more experience with this. How do you avoid having hypoglycemic responses when you drop the animal protein from your diet?

I know legumes fare a little better in regulating the levels of insulin, but I still seem to have problems an hour or so after eating unless there is some protein included in the meal.

Any suggestions, opinions, observations?




I agree with you that eating out for a veggie can be problematic. It certainly was in France 20 years ago and I got my share of insults at the time, negotiations were tough(yes, sorry, chicken is meat too ;D). Things have improved a lot though, partly as a side effect of the BSE scare.

Reading your post I realize I had nothing new for you when it comes to gluten free diets. I hope I'll be able to taste that homemade loaf one day, perhaps at the next meeting??

Hypoglycemia? I don't know... I always include some protein in my meals, usualy have nuts and seeds in whatever form but reasonable quantity, and eat fruit at each meal. I even use dry fruits in my cooking (try a dry fruit and nuts curry with whole grain rice...)
Maybe I am so used to this diet that I don't feel the drop anymore?


what do you say about protein powders to replace animal or nut protein? i am talking about nitrottech or myoplex or a similar supplement found at GNC. any experience with this?


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