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Free cell phone service for disabled/medicaid/foodstamp recipients

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It has been very hard to see how many people in our local HIV/Aids  community do not have/ cannot afford phone service. I have found this service that provides free service for SSDI, Medicaid and foodstamp recipients in some states. I am very dissapointed that  we have never heard about it from any of the case managers. The minutes are limited and extra air time is not cheap,  but  this may provide a lifeline  to someone in need. Link is here:   It is  illegal for more than one person to have  the service at the same address and you have to recertify  every year. I understand you can transfer an existing phone number to this plan.


  This sounds like it could help out .

  I know  people without  phone service .


how bad do you really need another headache.

most local phone service (land line) providers offer "Lifeline" or "Link-Up" programs for cheap basic service to the elderly, disabled, and low-income

Actually, when it gets down to the nut cuttin,  there is not a single cell service in the country that there is not a bitch list . There is a land line service for disabled in our area, but there is a limit on the number of minutes long distance and limit to the number of long distance calls that you can make. Everyone I know has dropped it.  A few in our "group"  tried it but since their family lived halfway across the country  and their doctors  are 120 to 150 miles away,  they  ran out of long distance service before the month is up. Then the  phone is shut off except local and those minutes are also limited and  all you have is 911. If your doctor is far away at least you can call several times per month for prescription refills and appointments with the cell service.


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