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Sinus infection creativity...


I am on antibiotics for a sinus infection and I decided to crush part of a pill to add to a saline nasal spray (removing the exterior first.)  I have done this before and thought it would be like a special delivery to my sinuses.  Has anyone else done this?  Is this a little crazy?


Hi Drew,
No, I have never done that. My concern would be the effectiveness of the antibiotic when dosed in this manner. Some drugs are topically absorbed into the body, some need to be ingested. My guess would be that the antibiotic needs to be ingested to be absorbed and utilized to its full benefit in the body. I would check with your doctor before you continue using it as a nasal spray.

With antibiotics you want to take them as prescribed so a resistance won't develop.

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the reply.  I am still taking the regular doses of the antibiotic.  I just thought I would deliver some directly to the area...



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