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The Boston Conference!


You know what I find so incredibly frustrating about all this? I mean the HIV Immigration B.S.

Itís that I canít stand up, reveal myself and speak my mind in public for fear of discrimination by the very policy Iím railing against, because were I to do that I would be listed and barred.

As a Canadian, it is abhorrent to me that I have to sneak into the U.S.A. to for a weekend family anniversary celebration. I mean, my friends and family welcome me into their homes as a guest, but that border crossing sure makes it rough.

I canít speak out because Iím not a U.S. citizen.

I would if I could, but I canít do it.

So, itís up to YOU, in the United States, to help stop stigma, fear and AIDS.

Bring down the travel barriers!

Then we can have more dialogue, more and free exchange of ideas and knowledge. That will speed up treatment development and maybe a cure. Weíve just seen a cooperative breakthrough this past week.

And you may then host International AIDS Conferencesóand finally have The Boston Conference!

I'm in agreement, but isn't this thread along the same lines of 2 other currently running ones? Our displeasure is not new information.

Andy Velez:
Ditto, Wellington.

I'm going to lockthis one. Anyone who wants to respond or comment should use one of the threads that was already started. 


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