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 Last weekend i had protected sex with an old girlfriend of mines. I must of broke atleast 5 condoms. I guess its time for me to start wearing magnums. The next night i had unprotected anal sex with a girl i hardly knew. The next day i notice a weird feeling towards the bottom of my penis close to my testicles. 2 days later that feeling became a little bump. it hurts a little bit when i touch it. theres no puss coming out of it. maybe its from the condoms because they were real tight on my sking and i got a bad reaction or maybe it could be worst then that. Can anybody help me wit this one?? 

Andy Velez:
OK. Condoms are not something for you to use some of the time when you have intercourse. You need to be wearing one everytime you have intercourse whether vaginal or anal. No exceptions. It doesn't matter what you think you know about your partner's history or how great she looks or if there is a full moon. A condom everytime is a must. No exceptions.

When you have intercourse without a condom you are potentially putting your life at risk. It's as stark and as simple as that.

The pimple or whatever it is that you described is not in anyway something to (mis)interpret as a symptom of HIV. Symptoms never tell you anything accurately about HIV status. Only an HIV test done at 13 weeks after the most recent unprotected incident can give you a definitive answer. And yes, you do need to get tested since you have had unprotected intercourse.

As for your bump or whatever it is you should discuss that with your doctor.

Keep those condoms handy in the right size and good luck with your test.


Thank you for you reply Mr. Andy Velez. I will definitely get tested in 3 months. I will never make this mistake again. I will talk to my doctor about my situation and hope for the best. Before I leave I just want to say that this forum is very helpful to many people including myself.

Andy Velez:
Glad you have found this site to be helpful. That's the intention.

Good luck to you.


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