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latino desperado:
Hello to all, Iím a male; thanks for the help in this forum that make WW feel better.
I was in this Site before (old one); well my possible exposure was at the end
Of November 2004 (deep kissing, BJ unprotected and fingering with small cut 2 days old, vaginal with condom with an unknown status women), 2 weeks after that I was having all the symptoms, I was tested at 12 weeks after possible exposure and test came back negative, so I was told the test was conclusive since my risk was so low to no risk.
About 7 days ago I started getting about the same symptoms (tender Lymph nodes neck and groin, neck pain, sore throat, sour stomach, low back pain, renal pain, no fever) so I went to see my doctor and told me could be Viral illness, (started freaking out again) gave me Z-pack for throat (bacterial).
Now my mind started playing games with me again, stressing, thinking I got HIV from my encounter back in 2004 and wasnít detected in my 12-week test.
My question is should I get tested again?? Since that time I only had intercourse with my wife who tested negative at that time with me.

 Thanks for all your help.
Latino Desperado


We're not going to go through all of this with you again. You are hiv negative. Unless you've been having unprotected anal or vaginal intercoures since your last test, you are STILL hiv negative.

See your doctor about what is going on with your body. It has nothing to do with hiv.


latino desperado:
Thanks Ann, I will return to DR. next week. :-[

latino desperado:
I went back to doctor with all kind of symptoms 1 week after  she game Z-packs, my sore throat did not any better, I had fever that day (when I saw her I was 2nd day of fever, low grade fevr for 3 days) he checked my lymph nodes she said were ok, sweating night and day, deppression,heat burning feeling on skin and bones, Frozen feeling forearms (when falling to sleep), insomnia and other symptoms. she gave amoxinillin (twise at day for 10 days), Paxil and ambien. and did blood test, CBC, Liver analasys, abdominal sonogram and HIV Elisa AB.
One week later I went to see her because I was feeling worse,   I feel pain in my groin,under arm and side of neck some times pulsing pain (few minutes and diferent areas at the time side of Leg, groin, armpit, neck and shoulders), forearm numbness, fatigue, joint pain, hot burning feeling hands and feet, bitter taste in my tongue (small red dots in tip) sewating, loose stools.etc (I still have all symptoms)
so she called the lab to get blood results and she said no sign of infection only  Eosinophils absulete were low, HIV non-reactive (thanks God).
is possible I was late-seroconverting 21 months after possible exposure and test was non-reactive???? is my body creating antibodies?
 I took HIV Test after 2 weeks of onset of Fatigue and feeling sore troat.
I did not have any risk for the last 21 months.
Doctor doing more Blood work, Tyroid, Lyme,ANA, ENA, SS-A , SSa, etc to check for all kinds of pain (join, neck, arms etc).
I was told could be a Virus I've been sick for more than seven weeks, I'm so afraid that could be HIV no detected all this time.
I'm sorry to be a pain but I'm afraid for my family (wife and kids), so scared doctor don't find anything yet.
any coments and help, tanks Ann for taking time and help other people, I was trying to keep away for Internet but I'm so desesperate.
thanks again



You are absolutely conclusively hiv negative. You do not have hiv. Please keep working with your doctor and get a second or third opinion if necessary. Whatever is going on, you have reliably ruled hiv out of the picture. Whatever is going on has nothing to do with hiv.

There is nothing more we can do for you here.



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