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Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Latin America. I have sex relation with a sex worker, vaginal sex with protection. But my worry is the next, I'm touch with my middle finger the vagina,( i didn't introduce)  less than 1 second, and i cant remember if a have an injure. Suppose that i had a little cut near the nail that wasn't bleeding but it was redness  i did a Elisa test 4th generation (antigen p24, antihiv1-antihiv2) after 19 days of the exposure and they thought negative.

1-what its my real risk 2 be infected?
2-its necessary to do another test?

thank u very much!

Andy Velez:
Whether you had any nicks or whatevers on your finger are irrelevant. HIV is not an easy virus to transmit and there are no confirmed cases ever of transmission in the manner you are concerned about.

You did the right and most important thing: you wore a condom for intercourse. They provide very effective protection whether you are with a civilian or a professional. Keep on doing that everytime you have intercourse and you will be fine as far as HIV is concerned.

I don't see any need for testing nor any need to re-test.

In general we do recommend that anyone who is sexually active should regularly get a full panel of STD tests done. That means at least once a year and every six months is even better. There are other STDs out there which are much easier to catch than HIV.

As far as HIV is concerned I don't see any cause for you to be further concerned this time.


thank u very much!

i have 1 question more, my theorical risk is more lower coz i didnt contact with vaginal fluiid where is in the interior of the vaginal (i mean caervicovagina)?


Fingering isn't low risk, no matter what sort of details you want to add, it's NO risk. Not one person has ever become infected through fingering in over twenty five years of this pandemic and you will NOT be the first.



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