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I think this is rather common situation. About a month ago I had sex with sex worker. First it was oral sex (I was receiving) then it was vaginal sex. Both of them using condom (however, condom was not mine - she had one). I was also kissing her breast - I read that this can be also a possibility of infection. Next day I started to feel worried about hiv virus, I started reading, reading internet, found information about ARS, stress was increasing ...

Right now I'm looking for symptoms of ARS - my lymph nodes are I think bigger, I'm looking for rash at my body, sometimes I have strange feeling in my throat, sometimes it hurts me. I'm pretty sure that this all is caused by stress - for example each day I'm waking up pretty stressed.

I took 2 tests - both of them Ag/Ab Combo (IV gen tests). First one I took on 15 day after exposure the other one 23 day after exposure. Both of them resulted in '-'.

What do you think ? Should I still be worried and wait nervously to take 3 months test ? (or maybe 6 week test as I sometimes read).


You have not been at risk for hiv infection in your experience with the sex worker. Getting a blowjob is NOT a risk for hiv infection, with or without a condom.

Intercourse with a condom is also NOT a risk for hiv infection. Condoms have been proven to be very effective when it comes to hiv prevention. There are thousands of couples the world over where one is positive and one is negative and the negative partner stays that way through condom use. I'm in such a relationship myself and my partner is still hiv negative seven years into that relationship.

You do NOT need further testing over this no risk situation. Stop searching the internet and your body for symptoms, because not only do symptoms or the lack of symptoms mean nothing when it comes to hiv infection, but also because the body has a way of rewarding the mind with symptoms when you constantly read about them and look for them. Stop it and get on with your life. Keep your hands off your glands - constantly touching them to see if they're swollen will MAKE them swell and keep them swollen.

You had NO risk and you do NOT need further testing. You are hiv negative, protect that negative status by ALWAYS using condoms, no matter who you are with. Use condoms and avoid hiv infection. It really is that simple.


Thank you for your reply and for this words. Still I'm a little bit nervous - I hope that this will end sometime. However, I have such stupid mind that when these 'symptoms' will go away - I'll start to think that this is natural for ars :(

And do you think that the fact that I was sucking her breast put me in a risk ?

Matty the Damned:
And do you think that the fact that I was sucking her breast put me in a risk ?

No Kreol, sucking her breast has not put you at risk of HIV infection. In addition to re-reading Ann's sage advice to you I would encourage you to read our Welcome Thread.


Andy Velez:
Leave your lymph nodes alone. By fondling, squeezing and otherwise bothering them you can create a problem where none exists.

You were not in anyway at risk for HIV. And just because your mind may continue to churn out more worried thoughts doesn't change the fact that there's no basis in HIV science for you to be concerned with regard to this recent incident.

Those thoughts are about feelings and not HIV facts. Big difference.

Read the lesson on transmission, keep your condoms handy and use them everytime for intercourse and you will be fine as far as HIV is concerned.



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