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Hello everyone!

I guess I have to re-type my story again since this is a new forum...

I had insertive vaginal sex with a sex worker around 17 days ago. The sex was protected as I used a latex condom that did not break nor slip during the entire intercourse (when I pulled out it still covered most of the entire length of my penis) also I am circumcised and did not ejaculate.  :-X

However, the following day I had abdominal pains that lasted for 3 days. Till today, I still have aches in my muscles and joints (specifically left thigh muscle/don't know if it's groin lymph node or not), also dry throat and a little white spot in the back of my mouth (around 1 cm) and a constipation.  :-\

Yesterday, I figured out that I also have a Hemorrhoid situation (maybe independent?) and I really don't know if it has something to do with these symptoms or if the symptoms are more linked to a HIV ARS condition...  ???

Two days ago (14 days post exposure) I had a NAT testing in a regional blood bank center in which I know a friend. He said that he'll contact me if there is something wrong, but since he didn't, I guess that the test went OK.

My questions are: How reliable is the NAT testing (after 14 days of exposure) when used in the context of blood donor screening? And also, are my current physical condition any similar to a typical ARS that occurs 2-4 weeks post exposure?

Thank a lot...

PS. I know that I posted a lot of messages in the previous forum, but I am still worried and anxious...

Thank you: Ann, JK2, Morgan, HIVworker, Rapidrod, etc...


You were repeatedly told in your thread in the old forum that you had no risk of hiv infection during protected intercourse. You don't need to test over this incident.

However, using blood donation for hiv testing when you doubt your hiv status is beyond reprehensible. If you don't believe our advice that you didn't have a risk, then wait until the six week mark (as you have been told) and get a normal ELISA test. DON'T use blood donation as a way to screen for hiv infection.

Read the Welcome thread at the top of this forum. There are links to Lessons there that you need to read.

(who refuses to even discuss NAT testing under the circumstances)

Andy Velez:
Would you still be worrying if you'd had intercourse with a civilian instead of a professional? I ask that because again and again we see people coming in here and refusing to believe they were not at risk.

Often it seems it's because they were with a professional instead of a non- pro and in some instances are either married or in a relationship.

If you are having troubling symptoms you should discuss them with your doctor. You had protected intercourse. Condoms do a very effective job no matter whom you are with. This is not an HIV situation and all of your handwringing and conjecturing will not make it otherwise.

The shame is not that you had sex with a sex worker, but that you have allowed your fears to run away with you and to misuse the blood system as your personal testing site.


Hello everyone...

Thanks Ann and Andy for your comments...

I would just like to make my point clear: I did not donate blood. I took the NAT testing and paid for it (350 Euros), which I was able to do since I know a friend who works in a blood bank central.

I would make a blood donation in full soon though...


Andy Velez:
Thanks for that clarificaiton regarding the blood bank testing.

At the end of the day I don't see any other than a negative test result for you.

The other stuff about being with a sex worker you will have to sort out.

Happily, I don't see yours as an HIV situation. Keep it that way by always using a latex condom no matter whom you are with in the future.



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