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There are many types of neuropathy, and I have been diagnosed with (most likely) autonomic neuropathy. This is damage to the nerves that send signals to the organs we cannot influence (lungs, liver, stomache, hart, sweat and saliva glands). When it gets in overdrive for whatever reason the brain sends false signals to all these nerves, causing me to have pain all over my body.
For me and my kind of neuropathy this feels like the sunburn Ray talked about. From head to toe. i  don't get the pins ands needles in my feet like Ray probably has. Anyway it is caused by the hiv because I already had it before starting meds. So now the question is whether the meds aggrevate it or bring it back. My doc says it might be the emtriva. But he is not sure.

Anyway,thanks for the input Ray and Newt,it is a little better now.



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