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Dear Ann,

I had an unprotected sex with a call girl last month, after 2 days i fall sick (FEVER, DIARHEA for week)
now about month i had lack of energy which i never feel it before, i think ive got swollen lymph nodes at my neck and under arm
fever come and go.....back paint, pimples so scared about this symptoms, flu but i feel different flu please advice though the symptoms
maybe not really showing HIV how bout my risk? please kindly advice!!

Cheers... :'(

Dear everyone (Andy, ann, Everyone)

Please kindly help me, im so deppressed, scared and regreting!


What do you call unprotected sex? As far as your symptoms go, they came on way to early to be related to HIV. Symptoms or the lack of symptoms is no way to tell if someone is infected or nor. If you say you just received a BJ then you weren't at risk, if you say you had unprotected vaginal sex, then you must test 12/13 weeks post exposure.

Andy Velez:
If by unprotected sex you mean intercourse without a condom then you need to have an HIV test done at 13 weeks after the most recent unprotected incident.

That's the key issue as far as HIV is concerned. 

None of your symptoms are in anyway HIV-specific. If they persist you should discuss them with your doctor.

As long as you use condoms everytime you can have as many partners as you want to whether they be pros or civilians and you will still be ok as far as HIV is concerned.

Let me know if I am missing something here.

Dear Andy,

Million of thanks for the reply, now i found red dot and i feel mild itch....
please advice, going crazy everynite and second.



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