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epzicom & reyetaz


brian davis:
i just got my meds to start this combo today so i have seen where others have taken one or the other but havent seen the combo. Is there anyone or anything u guys can tell me ? Just curious what to expect .  BTW i have been poz since 1/90 and a\have gone without any treatment other than the first few years up until about 2 months ago

cd4 87

VL 44,500

i know 8 for cd4 is bad but know nothing about viral load

 anyway any help or knowledge would be greatly appreciated

I am on the same combo with no issues at all, just hang in there and see what happens if your new to meds they will probably test you in 1 month to see if they are working.

Hello Brian,

Welcome to the Forums. I am on the same regimen as you are and there are little to no noticeable side effects for me.

When you have the chance you can read up on EPZICOM:

Then you can read up on REYATAZ:

Also, there is a lot of information on this website and a lot of support as well.

Again, Welcome and Have the BEST Day!


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