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I'm leaving tomorrow...I'm home

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Going to the corn fields of Ohio for my long awaited visit with Rodney!  I will be down there for 4 days. We don't really plan on doing too much, I will be happy just hanging out, I'm sure we'll bum around a bit. I found my husband a guitar store not too far away, I know he will enjoy that. I am cooking us breakfast on Sunday and then Rodney said something about going to a flea market. That is always cool, you never know what you might find.

I know the time there will fly by and that is already making me sad, but I have to stop that!  Right now I am just so damn happy. ;D  I am a bit nervous though, don't understand why, seems like we've know eachother forever. We talk on the phone about once a week and I tell ya, we can talk!  We laugh a lot too, Rodney is hilarious!

I sure wish I could make the trip to Montreal, maybe next year I will be able to attend the AMG. I can't wait to hear all about it and see some pictures. You'll never know how much these forums have helped me since my husband's diagnosis. Thank you everyone!

Hope you all have a great weekend...

Matty the Damned:

I too wish I could go to Montreal. Like you, maybe next year. But in the Top 5 of People from AIDSMEDS I Want to Meet is Roddles! Give him my love.

In every sense of the word. ;)

(Who thinks that Nadine and Roddles are just faboo!)

Please make sure to give him an extra hug, and kiss for me Nadine. You all should have a smashing time. Especially since he has gotten some vim, and vigor back.
Like you, I await the day that I am able to get up to his place. I haven't set foot on home state soil in many years.
I hope you all have a lovely visit. :-*

Lisa, I certainly will give him a hug and kiss from you and also from Matty  :)

 :) :) :) :)
Nadine, I didn't get to respond before now. Today has been a busy day. Just spent 5 hours restoring Jeffrey's nephews computer.  I hope you had a safe trip and a wonderful time with Rodney!


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