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Irrational Fear?


I just found this site while I was searching the net, and I would like to first say how amazing and helpful you all are. It is wonderful to know ther are such informative and caring people!
I have a random question, I was having a bit too much fun this last weekend and ended up doing a bump of cocaine fron the end of a car key. The friend who gave it to me got a nosebleed a few minutes later and said that it had been happening before we saw each other on and off all night.
I did not see any blood on the key, but if perhaps there was a trace am I at risk for HIV or Hep A,B or C. My friend confided in me that evening he has never been tested so I do not know his status.
Any info would help! Thank you!


Thank you so much! I feel much more at ease!

Andy Velez:
I also suggest that you read the lesson on this site about transmission so that you're down with the real risks for HIV transmission. You can find a link to it in the first thread.

Following the guidelines will allow you to protect your health and spare you unnecessary worry.



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