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Hello.  I have been reading and reading and have decided to post.  I am very impressed with the work you do here. Here is my scenario.  A one time big mistake like alot of other people.  I messed up and the condom that I thought was one was not, and my big drunken vaginal exposure adventure.  Im male and had vaginal sex with a girl of unknown status.  Symptoms a plenty.  Sore throat lasting 2 months, diaherria, painful what I think are lymph nodes under the jaw, and what seems to be swollen legs like fluid is building in my legs.
Scary and I am just waiting for bad news.  However it surprisingly hasnt come yet.  I have tested at 3,5 and 8 weeks and all negative results.  Tested for a full STD panel at 8 weeks so I can rule out all but herpes (certainly not that) and HIV.  My doctor says I have a viral infection which obviously freaks me out.  I am just leaving soon to get tested.  I am just wondering what to do after do I test again at 6 months?.  With symptoms like this have you ever seen anyone test negative at 8 weeks and turn positive?  I am so scared that I want to just scream. 

Please help with a little advice.  Thank you.

If this will be your 12 or 13 week test, it will be conclusive. You now have found out that excessive drinking and sex do not mix.

Thanks for the quick response. I see a lot of others that test with my same symptoms and continue to test negative. I also have some neuropathic tingling in my feet and hands and it could be stress related however now it seems unlikely.

I doubt that you have PN. It just doesn't come on that fast at all but it could be caused by something else unrelated.


There are thousands of viral illnesses - why does yours have to be hiv?

The vast majority of people who have actually been infected will seroconvert and test positive by six weeks, with the average time to seroconversion being only 22 days. It's highly unlikely that your eight week negative result will change.

You do need to test at the 12-13 week point and that is the last test (over this situation) that you will need. You do NOT need to test at six months, three months is absolutely conclusive.

Keep working with your doctor if you continue to feel unwell. Whatever is going on, it's very unlikely to be hiv.

And remember, symptoms or the lack of symptoms means nothing when it comes to hiv infection. Only testing will reveal your hiv status.



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