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I come back from holiday and find i can no longer log in, search for an activation mail nothing in spam either , request a new one told my user name doesnīt exist ...did someone delete me ...probably too few posts

so now re-registered with old name as it didnīt exist just need to find my way around again


the old forum names DID NOT carry over to the new forums...  everyone had to re-register as it now requires a valid email address to sign up.  It was not related to post counts at all.  Even Ann and Andy had to re-register.    Many people kept the same names, but quite a few decided to change too.

Hi Garry !
I'm glad you found us. I've thought a few times about the folks who check in only infrequently. I bet it was quite a shock to find that the whole family packed up and moved. I'm still wending my way around here, but I like the new forums. Hope you do too.

Hello Garry,

Glad to see you make it !! Hope all is going well with you...

 The Best----Ray

Still trying to understand what all these buttons do ! ???


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