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switching to atripla?


Rob P:
Greetings, All:
doc informed me I'm good to switch from sustiva/truvada to Atripla.  I know it's the same drug combo, but is there anything I should watch for?  Anyone make the switch and notice anything?   Best part is the deductable, from two to one pill.  Yippee.  Let me know. 



Hubby started taking Atripla last Thursday and he says hes hasn't noticed any difference. He was on Sustiva/Truvada also and he never had any bad side effects.

The pharmacist did tell me when i picked up the prescription that it was recommended to take at bedtime with a full glass of water.

Hubby takes them at bedtime but he doesn't drink a full glass of water. Just enough to swallow his pills.

Hope you have the same luck hubby has had.


Rob P:
great news!  thanks, Teresa.  Hope the hubby continues on the high road.  The sustiva/truvada combo isn't bad, the dreams are wild and vivid now, not always sure when I wake up what was real and what was dream.  I'm at the doc's this afternoon for the numbers since starting so I'm hoping they are way down.  I'll do the switch in two more days ( don't want to waste the other pills).

i understand the need for drinking a full glass of water with these meds but they already cause me to get up 2 or 3 times to go pee and i never had to get up more then once before starting meds.the Sustiva makes me pretty dizzy so it can be difficult to balance being so groggy.this is my first combo so i don't really know what to expect but I'm quite sure I'm generating more pee


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