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Two weeks ago I went to strip club and one of the dancers sucked hard on my nipple and thumb.  I didn't see any broken skin but my nipple was raw.  My tounge may have also brushed her nipple.  I'm worried about small breaks or cracks that I couldn't ssee.  Please help.

There is NO RISK in what happened at the strip club. Please read the "Welcome" thread and read all the links.

I read the welcome thread.  I've read a bunch of stuff.  I've also constantly been taking my own temp and checking the lymph nodes in my neck continually for the past two weeks.  I hate this.  What if my niplle was chaffed from my shirt or there was a cut on my thumb.  I wish I had the guts to kill myself

Get over the drama. You didn't have a risk period. No more "what ifs or buts." No risk!!!!!


If you read the Transmission lesson that is linked to in the Wecome thread, you would know that saliva is not infectious for hiv. Never has been, never will be. You did NOT have a risk of hiv infection.

Now stop taking your temperature and keep you hands off your lymph nodes. Poking and prodding them all the time will MAKE them swell and keep them swollen.



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