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thanks guys. i had considered telling him via e-mail then i thought what the hell chances are that he will run so fast when i tell him so i shouldnt bother telling him.  so i've decided to let it go, i wont reestablish  a relationship with him, i'll give him some excuse not to see him again.  think i'll jsut go out with poz guys but they will have to tell me first about their status.  i dont know what century will be when i finally meet someone like that. seems hiv isnt as common as we would like to think..

gal friend sure you might be more comfortable dating a +ve partner because your in the same situation but truth be told its about finding someone that genuinley loves you, has no issues and is for real whether +ve or -ve. Trust me ive tried dating +ve guys simply coz i thot maybe things would work out better since we were in the same situation but at the end of the day were no more different to other people when it comes to our emotions and needs. So my advice to you is take your time if you meet someone that you truely feel might be the one and the feeling is mutual then be open about your status coz love conquers all HIV is not a PROBLEM but a challenge and all it takes is somebody that fully comprehends the disease. I was open about my status with my patner from the beginning he is -ve and in my case i believe love over came the challenge and were taking each day as it comes. Im so at peace with myself.


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