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Fond memories of a much loved friend ..Tim

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I had many fond memories of Tim..but one of the first that springs to mind tonight as I sit here thinking about him was in Montreal 2006, Tim leaned forward and whispered in my ear "be at my room at 5pm I have something I want to share with you".I did as I was told and I went off to his room at 5 on the dot, when I went inside the room he had the table set with gourmet cheeses, crackers and a huge slice chocolate cake, and lying beside it was a little card that read:

"I wanted to share these with you Jan because the good things in life always taste better when shared with a friend"

I just hugged him because I couldn't trust myself to speak...I still have the card.

We should have eaten more Chocolate cake Tim.

I miss you more than words can say.

Rest in peace my friend.

In sadness
Jan :-*

I never had the pleasure of meeting Tim in person, I was not as blessed as some of you that had the opportunity to talk with him in person, yall were truly given a gift by meeting him personally. But as we all know we quickly become attached to each other in these Forums, we come to think of each other as family in the truest sense. We come to love the others on here just as much as  our own family, but with this great joy comes heartache when we lose a fellow member such as Tim.

So with this I have been hit hard with Tim's passing. He was a gem here, he was one of a kind and no one will ever be able to fill his shoes. Even when I was on the receiving end of one of his lashings I always respected him.

 I think one way to honor him is to acknowledge and appreciate his passion on issues and the sage wisdom he gave us in these threads. For me, a relatively new Pozzie,  his 27 years of experience with HIV gave me invaluable insight to life with HIV, everyone one of his posts taught me something. His wisdom was invaluable. I loved hearing about his stories, whether it be about his life in the military, remodelling his bathroom, his cast Iron Griddle, his cars, or the somber early days of the AIDS epidemic.

I take comfort in knowing that now he has shed the pain, wheelchairs and scooters and now has a whole body and soul and is the company of those that passed before us such as Em, Ric, and the other 210 friends he lost.

So since my memories of him are limited to these forums I'd like to share snippet's of some of his posts, snippets that made me laugh and some that made me cry...

"Welcome to the fourms, and if you think this thread is redundant, stick around for three or four years; you aint seen nothing yet..."

"Take your pills, and experience the new life."

Kiss my droopy aging arse, you perfect ANGEL Swiss Miss!!!

"Who the fuck listens to us Dinosaurs any more anyway..."

"Thinking of you today, and sending love"

"OK, Church is over, light em up if you got em"

"Drag Queens are special"

"All you have is today, this minute, this second to make changes and refocus your minds and hearts on living fully in the moment"

"Isn't HIV just a laugh riot?"

"I apologise for the error, and back out of the room to my corner. I should have known I was wrong, and refrain from revisiting this thread. Assholes!!"

"I was infected at the age of 36, and given six months to live. The doctor has since died who said that, so beware of doctors playing God"

"I taste more like Baked Brie in Puff Pastry.."

"I wouldn't have had the joy of my 22year marriage to the most beautiful man on the planet."

"and it never gets any easier to say goodbye, so now I just say I'll see you soon enough"

"Love Ya

Tim, RIP, your Screenname here says "Offline" but you'll always be "Online" in my thoughts!


Jan and Will: Sweet posts. Em

I've been in here 6 times today, each time with the intention of posting.

I couldn't do it.  The tears flowed, the hands trembled, mostly I was just lost.

Moffie wasn't just a warrior.  Moffie was a general.  We shared many common experiences in our lives with HIV, we butted heads many times.

(The man could be a pain if you know what I mean.)

But as someone said in the LW forum (I think it was Cliff), Moffie has touched so many, Moffie has made such a lasting impression, Moffie MADE a difference, he will never be forgotten.

And in the final analysis, that speaks volumes.  As I said, not a warrior, but a general. 

RIP Moffie

RAB   :'(


Mark I hope you don't mind me posting this, it's a wonderful photo taken in happier times, the smiles say it all

Sometimes you pick your friends and sometimes they pick you...I'm so glad you picked me Tim.
Jan :'(


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