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Last year at this hour


Boo Radley:
Last year at this hour of the last Monday in August I was sitting in my still-dark house with no electricity and wind and rain just beginning to get bad.  The worst time was around 11 am when the house was shaking and windows in various rooms broke, and I watched as 3 trees in my small back yard were uprooted.  I'm one of the very lucky ones.

Later today I'm going to watch Springsteen's video My city of ruins, catch up on acknowledging donations to Animal Rescue New Orleans, and probably take a nap.


Hey Boo,

I'm so glad you're here to tell the story...


Hey Boo........I remember Katrina WELL.  This first year anniversary finds me gone...
and far from the beach I use to live on.  Right now all eyes are on Ernesto....especially
those in Florida who have endured so many of these storms the past few years.

I'm glad your here with us too.........


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